I moved to Oklahoma City!

I moved to Oklahoma City, and I'm sure anyone who reads this blog is aware of that (although I clearly don't blog often so this may be more for my benefit) :).  For any who aren't, I came here for Nursing School.  And while I did cry all the way from Santa Barbara to Texas I think, I think I'm gonna like it here. :)  I thought I'd share a few things I've learned since I've been here.

1) It's better to be sad when you leave a place, than relieved. 
2) Your family and friends are always with you and it's AMAZING that they know just when to call or text or email.
3) People here are REALLY nice!  A girl in my program who I met at orientation let me crash with her and her roommates the first day because I had no where to go.  On top of that she bought me dinner, took me on the tour of the city and continues to be my buddy!!!  What?!
4) Sometimes it's okay for food to make you feel better! :)  Anyone who comes here, I'm taking you to Big Truck Tacos.  www.bigtrucktacos.com
5) Girlfriends rule!  I've made some AWESOME girlfriends in my program.  Happy happy!
6) Oklahoma is different from California . . . or DC . . . or Washington State . . . or really anywhere I lived, and I'm into it.
7) They have a professional basketball team here which means that I can go see my Celtics on February 22nd.  Hollah ballahs!
8) Again, people are REALLY nice!
9) Sleeping in a real bed is the only way to go.
10) Nursing school is way hard, but WAY COOL!