Three Weeks!!

I have 3 weeks left of my six week break from school, which I haven't had in 20 years.  I'm making a 3 week bucket list.  If anyone has any recommendations, let me know. :)

1) Spend a day in LA as a tourist.
2) Walk on the beach every day.
3) Give something every day (service, a note, a gift)
4) Read a book just for fun all day.
5) Bike to the beach.
6) Go to Disneyland.
7) Keep a journal.
8) Take the coastal train to San Diego.
9) See a concert.
10) Make yoga a habit again.



Birthday Fun!

It was my sister Katherine's birthday last week.  Here she is in one of my favorite photos from the holiday season.  Happy Birthday Kate!  Love you.

P.S. We were going to do a fun beach picnic for her birthday but decided against it because it was a little chilly.  Here is a cute little craft I came up for the picnic.  Did you know that you can put lunch bags through the printer?  Oh the possibilities . . .



Six Precious Hours

We had all 10 children, 3 grandchildren, parents and in-laws together for about 6 hours on New Year's Eve. I love these people.

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